Mandala Movement

Experience freedom through movement every Thursday to discover your “Natural Self” in motion. Maytawee offers an 11-layer music playlist to guide us on an inner journey while Jim Copeman plays live drumming. This class is sacred and often is felt a blissful.

Dates: Thursday Nights @ 7:30pm to 9:00pm (see events page for updates on classes)

Location: 1317 Ethel Street, Kelowna (Brown brick building on the corner of Wilson)

Cost: $15.00 per class

OR Buy 5 get the 6th FREE

* Please bring your receipt to the class of your choice*

Through a dynamic spiraling of multi-phase landscapes from meditation to movement this meditative dance is the authentic Self in motion where a profound inner wisdom meets the outer creative space. Each participant, dances their inner mandala as a circle of oneness.

Maytawee’s empathic skills create a safe and tender environment for individuals to fully let go into their movement through a powerful 11-phase sacred journey. Music is offered to enhance the release of trapped energies held in the emotional body while liberating the soul to awaken the authentic Self in motion. This motion is the creative life pulse and unique rhythm in perfect harmony with the cosmic vibration of life. No dance experience is required, only the willingness to discover the core rhythm in motion and experience the transformational dance through Maytawee’s loving kindness. Stress and emotional blocks are released to discover an inner contentment and happiness.

Mandala Movement is based in the traditional yoga principle – the 5 Koshas or 5 Sheaths of body. The focus in this dance is the core Kosha of Self using the 11-layer journey as a tool and guide.

A testimony from Yangjin (2011 Grammy award winning artist from China)

A testimony from Yangjin

(2011 Grammy award winning artist from China)

Maytawee designed a personal music playlist for Yangjin’s sacred dance session. During the session Yangjin’s experience with sacred dances collaborated with Maytawee’s ability to hold a safe and profound space moving them into a blissful and enlightened state.

After the dance Yangjin shared that Maytawee is a Denka dancer which is one of the most sacred dancers in the Tibetan women’s circle. She also shared that Maytawee’s dance is one of the most sacred dances to clear the soul and meet the authentic Self in motion. The dance cleared the body to a pure state of openness, peace, and happiness resting in a deep inner wisdom.

“All women should do this dance. It will open them up like a flower to embrace their true power essence, not one of the mind, rather one of the heart and soul that is untouchable and infinitely great”.