Fast Track Release Therapy

_DSC0211Fast Track Release is a powerful and intelligent healing system for self-investigation, self-realization and transformation – providing immediate and permanent, positive change. Fast Track helps with physical illnesses, emotional difficulties and addictive habits by finding the root cause of the issue along with any other existing aspects and removing them quickly and safely with permanent change.

Through the collaboration of muscle testing and the super-conscious mind the Fast Track system pinpoints any physical or emotional blocks held in the energy body. When discovered, a release occurs allowing the authentic Self to be experienced. The body responds by liberating the inner wisdom and awakening the life force. Immediately the body mind spirit comes back to harmony. All imbalanced habits and conditionings are released to liberate the optimal mental and physical capacity for right action.

Each session provides four modalities to be used depending on the wellness need.

  1. Fast Track pyramid system. Founded from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques and Brain Gym).
  2. Empathic assessment to pinpoint the energy blocks.
  3. Core Vibration- a guided inner meditation for gentle block release for a deeper inner wisdom.
  4. Chakra Therapy uses colored eyeglasses – worn to balance and clear all 12 chakras.
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Case Studies


Becket (7 year old boy) witnessed something negative on the internet, had nightmares and could not go to school or leave his home. After a one hour session his fear was cleared and now Becket is teaching his classmates to clear fear. Amazing!

Mylo (4 year old autistic child) would not eat and displayed uncontrollable anger and could not be touched. During the session Maytawee was holding his hands and feet grounding him. The pinpoint of the anger was too much energy for him to process. Maytawee released this energy from both Mylo and his parents to discover an instant result. This was the first time his parents saw him allow someone else to touch him. By the end of the session Mylo was on Maytawee’s lap showing her how to draw.

Ellen: (17 year old pregnant girl) the family was devastated to have a girl so young be pregnant. The session helped the parents and the expecting young woman to stay grounded and move from fear to love. This allowed the process to unfold in a natural truth and well-being for everyone, including the unborn child.


Rita (82 year old woman) was moving from her home into a caregiver home. Her fear of change was so strong she could not move out of her favorite living room chair. Willing to receive a session, Maytawee cleared her fear and the move went smoothly. Afterwards Rita said “I remember feeling this way as a child, so peaceful and happy. I feel safe and excited now to move”.

Jason (50 year old man) depressed about his life work, Jason felt that he was going nowhere and life had little to offer him. After two sessions Jason cleared something deep within him and discovered a truth he knew as a child. He is now living his dream and wrote Maytawee saying “you saved my life, you saved my family, we are forever grateful”.

Janna  describes: “What a year! Life threw a bunch of curveballs at me in 2014 together with fun and joyful moments. Kind of overwhelming! At least that’s how I felt before my sessions with Maytawee. In her most kind, compassionate, and enlightened way, she helped me clear the energy blocks that made it difficult to digest and learn from both good and bad experiences. In the process I finally realized that there are no failures in life, only lessons to learn — preferably sooner rather than later. Seriously, what a relief! Thank you, Maytawee!!! And if I may, thank you my wonderful teacher — you totally rock! ;-)”

Nancee writes: “Years ago I became very aware of an inner sadness that lingered within, always present. I had my lovely moments of joy spring forth but quietly waiting behind that was this sadness. I did come to loving acceptance with time, but joy was a goal within this heart of mine. I also feared recognition, believing that it would draw me away from being humble in this life. I actually quit certain positions over the years for that reason. After one fast track session and a short brainwave entrainment session all this was lifted and set free. I look at my recent photos and marvel at the change I see in myself. I don’t go hunting for that sadness yet but I honestly don’t feel it. For the past week I have been able to flow with incoming praise of me from others. (I had learned how to ‘humbly’ accept praise years ago but this feels differently.) Thank you Maytawee for your loving dedication in assisting me and others to feel whole and free to live our lives to the fullest.”