Brain Entrainment ~ Ajna Light

Brainwave Wellness uses Ajna Light, which works with your pineal gland, and your subconscious to activate the brain to be in a higher conscious state.

When under the Light, the flickering light sequences guide the brainwaves to work in harmony with the pineal gland which is the meditative center. The brain waves are trained to operate at full capacity and back to balance which is felt as peace in the body, clarity in the mind and a deeper connection to the heart consciousness.

Ajna LightBrainwave Wellness:
• Deepens Meditation
• Awakens the Conscious Mind
• Emanates Clear Thinking
• Releases Habitual Patterning
• Frees Physical and Emotional Stress
• Dissipates Depression or any mental disorder
• Enhances living in happiness and inner contentment
• Creates a profound clarity and peace after each session

This therapy training uses the frequencies of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Schumann Resonance. Learn more about brainwaves here.

 How Brainwave Wellness works:

The light unit, produced by Ajna Light, mediates directly with the unconscious mind and the neurophysiology of the body. The focused state, a light trance, is characterized by a 40Hz sweep of electrical waves from the thalamus to the back of the head. Using this frequency in specific light patterns entrains the brain into this trance state. Ajna Light utilizes each brainwave frequency to produce a broad range of induced responses – from the lightest trance using a low light intensity with the Alpha or Beta frequency to the deepest trance state using a maximum light intensity with the Delta frequency.

Ajna Light Therapist at Sahaja Blessings in Kelowna BC Canada

Maytawee has been working with the brain since 2008, due to her severe migraines from head injuries, as a youth racing motorcycle. In 2008, Maytawee found Brain State Technology in Arizona USA. She wanted to find an alternative method to heal her brain. In a short time Maytawee’s migraines went away and she found the peace and happiness in her life. Because of this, Maytawee dedicated her life to the brain and the study of the brain/body. In 2011, Maytawee met Guy Harriman while living in Thailand. Only once session Maytawee know Ajna Light was of the highest frequency based in the fifth dimension spectrum. She is now the head therapist and ambassador of Ajna Light ~ Brain Entrainment. She works internationally, helping many with brain wellness witness miraculous results. This is her life work and her teaching.

Melissa Dacre came to Maytawee after a serious car accident. Her having many head issues such as: depression, fear, anxiety, headaches, panic attacks, and more. Within the year of working with Ajna Light, Melissa had her life back, free and happy. Melissa is not a trained therapist working at Sahaja Blessings offer YOU, Ajna Light sessions for optimal wellness.

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Brainwave Wellness Testimonials:

Gretta – Pregnant mother near the end of her pregnancy and described beautifully how her baby, Ruby, took her into the realm of consciousness that the body experiences inside the womb.

Stef – London resident shared how his Brainwave Wellness session allowed him to let go of the ego and allow for the authentic Self to be felt and lived.

Natasha – “The first time it took a bit for my eyes to adjust to the flickering, once that happened I started to see colors and amazing shapes that brought a great peace and joy to me. I felt profoundly at peace. And still do”.

Ocean – “I had a release of some deep childhood anger that I did not know was still being lived out. I am so grateful for the Ajna Light. It has supported me to open up on my path that I have been seeking for many years”.

Maytawee- “I met Guy Harriman, the creator of Ajna Light in 2011. My first session was so profound in awakening a deep peace and stillness that I knew this is a wonderful gift to the world. It is simple and clear for my inner wisdom to be understood in every moment of my waking life and my honor to offer this with my other healing arts”.