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Born in Scotland, Maytawee, formerly known as Maggie Calder-Wilkins, spent her formative years in Vancouver, Canada. On her journey of Self-discovery, she met heart wisdom teachers and sages, gaining great knowledge and deepening her capacity for compassion and humility.

Maggie took this deep journey, fully aware that one cannot teach what one has not learned. She now draws from personal and business creative intelligence in all she offers.

With a background ranging from motorcycle racing, hospitality management, mentoring youths at risk, interior design/builder, certified coach, retreat center co-owner, transformative dancer and healer, the depth of her eclectic experience allows her to easily relate to all people.

In the late 90’s Maggie met Eckhart Tolle at a private dinner party. From that moment, she knew something profound would be learned by knowing Eckhart. While studying with Eckhart as his peronal assistant, Maggie’s commitment to know her Self and to live in the power of Now became first and foremost.

In 2003, Maggie built and co-owned a retreat center in North America called “Heartland Gathering Place.” The center hosted teachers from all around the world. One of these teachers was Mooji who became her friend and beloved teacher and this relationship remains today.

In 2012, Maytawee moved to Thailand to study the Buddha’s Dhamma where she was led to the revered Master Monk Prah Bhasakorn. His teaching is based in the Pali Language, the original language of Buddha. While living at the temple, Monk Bhasakorn gave Maggie her spiritual Thai name rarely given to a woman and unheard of for a Westerner. Maggie; now known as ‘Maytawee’ honors her Beloved teacher by embracing this gift, which means the wisdom of nature.

Maytawee offers her beloved work to re-balance the body/mind/soul and return us to our natural, authentic flow.

  Other activities

Mayta MonkKey Note Motivational Speaker: Whole life Expo, Body/Mind/Soul Conference and The Theological Society.

Writer for: Evolving Your Spirit and Natural Awakening magazines

USA: The Infinity Foundation, The Theological Society, Unity Church, Heartland Gathering Place, Yoga Centers and private homes.

CANADA: Hollyhock, Unity Church, Maa Yoga, Personal retreat centres and establishments.

 THAILAND: Healing Light Studio, Yoga Tree, Fast Track Head Quarters.

My passion is to guide and inspire people to become aware of their natural, joyful and content sense of being.  With this awareness a freedom emanates that is untouched by the influence of the ego-mind.

​Namaste, Maytawee

One thought on “About Maytawee

  1. Years ago I became very aware of an inner sadness that lingered within, always present. I had my lovely moments of joy spring forth but quietly waiting behind that was this sadness. I did come to loving acceptance with time, but joy was a goal within this heart of mine. I also feared recognition, believing that it would draw me away from being humble in this life. I actually quit certain positions over the years for that reason. After one fast track session and a short brainwave entrainment session all this was lifted and set free. I look at my recent photos and marvel at the change I see in myself. I don’t go hunting for that sadness yet but I honestly don’t feel it. For the past week I have been able to flow with incoming praise of me from others. (I had learned how to ‘humbly’ accept praise years ago but this feels differently.) Thank you Maytawee for your loving dedication in assisting me and others to feel whole and free to live our lives to the fullest.

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