Brain Light Therapy

  Fast Track Release

Mandala Movement


Flickering light sequences invoke a series of brainwave training to open and activate the pineal gland. This meditative light technique releases stress, depression, and addictions to bring the body, mind, spirit, back to wellness.


Communication with the super conscious mind through muscle testing guides the session to pinpoint blocked energies trapped in the emotional body. Fast Track Release supports the release so the authentic self of peace, clarity and serene confidence can be lived.

An 11-layer sacred dance journey that releases trapped energies held in the emotional body- liberating each dancer to experience the authentic Self in motion. This motion is the creative pulse and rhythm in harmony with the cosmic vibration of life.

Mindful Coaching

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Maytawee’s one with one mindful coaching collaborates the ego/mind intelligence with inner wisdom to align any business or personal vision to its natural state of success and happiness. The sessions are offered in “The Power of Now” cognitive meditation format.

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